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District 4

District 1

Library Board of Trustees Minutes

District 5 

Phyllis Eggleston Brown

Tom Hayghe

District 3

The Library Board of Trustees are volunteers appointed by the Amelia County Board of Supervisors. The library board is a governing board. Those interested in serving should contact the trustees at

Library Board of Trustee meetings are posted at the library, on the library's Google calendar, and in the library's Monitor article. Library board meetings are open to the public.

FY 2020

Karen Freas

Beatrice Head

Philip Seyfried

Hilda Foster

Gail Geraghty

FY 2019

Library Board of Trustees

Liz Carson

Linda Gallagher

Carol Hix

John Holman

Jennifer Jones

District 2

Mike Davis

Virginia Whitaker