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District 1

FY 2019

Library Board of Trustees

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District 4

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District 5


District 3

Hilda Foster

Gail Geraghty

Mike Davis

Mary Nell Tatum

The Library Board of Trustees are volunteers appointed by the Amelia County Board of Supervisors. The library board is a governing board. Those interested in serving should contact the trustees at jlhlibraryboard@gmail.com.

Library Board of Trustee meetings are posted at the library, on the library's Google calendar, and in the library's Monitor article. Library board meetings are open to the public.

District 2

Karen Freas

Beatrice Head

Philip Seyfried

Phyllis Eggleston Brown

Yvonne Harris

Tom Hayghe

Liz Carson

Linda Gallagher

Carol Hix

John Holman

Jennifer Jones